HERS Ratings, BPI Home Inspections, Home Energy Audits and Title 24 Compliance Documentation for Residential and Commercial Projects.

Incentive assistance is available for the following programs:

  • California Multifamily New Homes Program

  • California Advanced Homes Program

  • Energy Upgrade California 

           If you are remodeling an existing home the new Energy Upgrade

           California Program has incentives available.


  • New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP)

  • Energy Star

  • Federal Tax Credits

  • Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs)


New Services Available - BPI

  • Test-In and Test-Out

  • Combustion Safety Assessment

Incentive Assistance Available

About us

With over 30 years of experience as a residential general contractor Diane Vessels started California Energy Consultants in 2008 to help designers, builders and home owners build and retrofit homes to provide the home's occupants with good indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency.  She uses her knowledge of Building Science and Building Performance to help her clients achieve their goals while reducing their home's carbon footprint.

Professional Affiliations and Certifications

BPI - Building Analyst - Building Performance Institute Inc. http://bpi.org/

CABEC - California Association of Building Energy Consultants Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) - Residential #R08-08-1914 and Nonresidential #NR-08-08-3634 http://www.cabec.org/

Energy Star Partner - http://www.energystar.gov

CalCERTS - California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider HERS Rater I and II - #CC2005429 http://www.calcerts.com

Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP)

Certified Green Point Rater/Advisor for New and Existing Homes - http://www.builditgreen.org/directorylist/

Diane Vessels
Founder and General Manager
Joshua HERS Assistant
Shannon - Office and Marketing Manager
Kevin HERS Assistant

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